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Fantastic neurosis, and where to find it. Trailer

Image “A true gardener can create more happiness with one seed than a rich man with a perfect artificial lawn”. A dubbed trailer for the touching dramedy Fantastic Love and Where to Find It by director Simon Ebaud has appeared on the web. Jessica Brown-Findlay, Andrew Scott, Tom Wilkinson and Jeremy Irwin played the leading roles in the film.

The plot revolves around the charming librarian Bella (Brown Findlay) , who dreams of becoming a children's writer. Despite a series of failures, spurred by obsessive-compulsive neurosis, a nasty boss and a wild fear of the natural world, Bella continues to strive for her goal. In this she is sincerely and eagerly supported by an eccentric young man named Vernon (Scott) . But the main character also has a neighbor - an elderly widower Alfie (Wilkinson) , who, under the threat of homelessness, forces her to clean up the garden ...

According to the first viewers, "Fantastic Love" is able to remind all of us why we love cinema: this interpretation of a person's daily struggle with himself looks fresh, original, but at the same time painfully recognizable, and the close interweaving caustic humor and manifestations of obsessive-compulsive disorder make the film especially poignant.

Dubbed trailer

The film Ebouda will be released in USA in February next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman