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”Frankenstein”. Piece by piece trailer

Image The classic story about the genius doctor Victor Frankenstein , who imagines himself to be a god and created a thinking Being , does not give rest to modern filmmakers. Last year, the storyline of this eternal novel about human arrogance became the basis for one of the narrative lines of the dramatic horror "Penny Dreadful" ( Penny Dreadful ). However, viewers also remember completely unsuccessful attempts of modern adaptations of Mary Shelley's work - the film "I, Frankenstein" serves as the clearest example of this.

Once again, Paul McGuigan ("Lucky Number Slevin") tried to transfer famous characters to the big screen. His fantasy horror movie Frankenstein will focus on the personality of Victor - Igor .


Told from the point of view of an assistant, the story will present to moviegoers a very young Frankenstein , who, in his student years, made an incredible scientific breakthrough and became a living legend.However, there was a loud triumph disastrous consequences both for the scientist himself and for his apprentice, because while some admired the doctor's revolutionary ideas, others were thinking about how to use the researcher's abilities for their own dirty purposes. In addition, the relationship between Viktor and Igor soured after the latter learned about the true intentions of his boss and doubted the ethical side of his experiences ...

The filming of the tape, which is scheduled for release on December 3 , involved James McAvoy, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott and Daniel Radcliffe, who is not the first time poking around in the insides: he coped with this brilliantly task in A Young Doctor's Notebook .

Dubbed Trailer

We will find out how the result of the experiments of Victor and Igor will look like in winter, but for now we are watching a little infernal trailer, which is accompanied by a mesmerizing and disturbing cover of the cult song of The Doors - “ Break on Through ”.

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Author: Jake Pinkman