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Johnny Depp will create antivirus

Image Johnny Depp will star in a black comedy titled King of the Jungle, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The film will be based on the true story of John McAfee, the creator of McAfee antivirus software.

The script for the future film was written by the authors and producers of the first season of the anthology "American Crime Story" - Scott Alexander and Larry Karatsevsky. Supervising the production will be the creative duo Glenn Ficarra and John Recua, who have collaborated on films like This Wacky Love, Focus, I Love You Phillip Morris, and the This Is Us series for NBC . The upcoming project is an adaptation of Joshua Davis for Wired .


John McAfee's Last Fight , as that article was called, tells the story of a programmer who cashed out his fortune, left civilization and moved into the jungles of Belize. There he surrounded himself, like Colonel Kurtz from Coppola's cult film Apocalypse Now, with weapons, sex and madness. According to the plot, the correspondent of the magazine Wired receives, as it seemed to him, the most ordinary task - to interview McAfee . However, as soon as he arrives in Belize, he witnesses the growing paranoia of John McAfee and even murder.

Johnny Depp will soon appear on the big screens in the next part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which USA viewers will be able to see on May 25 , as well as in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel " Murder on the Orient Express.


In addition, the actor's future works include the crime thriller Labyrinth about the investigation into the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur and the continuation of the adventures of the magozoologist Newt Scamander Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2, where Depp will play the role of the dark wizard Grindelwald .

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