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Affleck and Damon cheat on McDonald's

Image A few days ago, The Daily Beast published an incredible, yet true story about an ex-policeman who cheated on McDonald's Monopoly prizes and stole millions of dollars. On the same day, there was talk in Hollywood that such a plot would be perfect for a movie, which turned out to be enough to start the fight for the rights to adapt the article.

And today the portal Deadline found out the name of the winner: the picture about the scam will be removed by studio 20th Century Fox. Moreover, Ben Affleck will take the director's chair of the project, and his colleague and bosom friend Matt Damon will play the main role in the film. The script is entrusted to the duo of authors who are now snapped up by producers - Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who worked on two parts of Deadpool.

The names of the filmmakers involved in the adaptation sound like a dream team, which is not surprising, given the serious struggle that has flared up for the rights to adapt. Universal wanted to get a project for Kevin Hart, Warner Bros. - for Steve Carell and the directors of This Stupid Love, John Recua and Glenn Ficarra. Even Netflix participated in the auction, intending to invite Robert Downey Jr. and his wife as film producers.

Now Ben Affleck will try as soon as possible to translate the idea into reality and rehabilitate himself in the eyes of fans, since his last directorial work, the drama "Law of the Night", frankly failed at the box office. Affleck was supposed to lead the filming of Batman's solo album, but in the end he was left out of the project. The plot of the new film sounds tempting: a former cop steals Monopoly stickers worth more than $ 24 million, cashes them in and ends up at the center of an FBI special operation.


Affleck and Damon have long wanted to work together, but none of the joint projects they conceived were ever realized. The screens did not include a film about professional baseball players who swap wives, or Whitey Bulger's biopic, which was ahead of "Black Mass" with Johnny Depp.

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Author: Jake Pinkman