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The Wolverine triquel found a villain

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Although the filming of the tape " Wolverine 3 " has already come to an end, the studio 20th Century Fox managed to successfully keep the identity of the main enemy of the title character secret. One of the main secrets of James Mangold's film was unexpectedly revealed by his colleague Brian Singer. According to CinemaBlend , in the audio commentary for the blockbuster X-Men: Apocalypse, the director stated that one of the fragments of his film hinted to fans of the franchise about the appearance in the triquel "Wolverine" by Nathaniel Essex by nicknamed Sinister .

It is about the post-credits scene in which representatives of the corporation Essex arrive at the shattered base of William Stryker . In the X-Men universe, it is owned by Nathaniel Essex . The antagonist debuted on the pages of graphic novels in 1987, and 23 years later he was awarded 29th place on the list of "100 Greatest Villains in Comic Book History" according to IGN . Sinister possesses an ingenious intellect, rich knowledge of genetics, superhuman strength, accelerated regeneration and many other amazing abilities.


The name of the performer of the role Essex is kept secret for now. It is possible that the image of the main antagonist of the film was tried on by Richard E. Grant . In the comics, Sinister repeatedly experimented on mutants, and the casting list for Mangold contained information that the hero of Grant would be a mad scientist.


Wolverine 3 will be released in USA on March 2, 2017 .

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