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Wolverine 3: Farewell Tour

Image Last May, we reported that Hugh Jackman has decided to part ways with Logan in the blockbuster Wolverine 3 . It seems that the third film about the adventures of the clawed mutant may present another unpleasant surprise to fans of the X-Men cinematic universe. In an interview with the British channel ITV , Patrick Stewart hinted at an early farewell to the role of Professor X .

It seems to me that the Wolverine triquel may be the last film in the franchise for me, - said the actor. -The beauty of the science fiction and fantasy genres, however, is that you can never talk about such things with complete confidence. When Jean Gray destroyed my hero in The Last Stand, I thought that I would never have a chance to return to the world of X-Men ...

In “ Wolverine 3 ” I play a completely different Charles Xavier . I cannot reveal all the secrets of the tape, and therefore I will only say that such a Professor X the public has never seen. "


Although filming is in full swing, actors and director James Mangold prefer to keep the details of its plot a secret. A year ago, Stewart announced that the blockbuster script is based on the cult comic " Old Man Logan ", but officials from 20th Century Fox are in no hurry to confirm this information .

At the moment, the studio is preparing a sequel to Deadpool, a solo album of Gambit and spin-offs "X-Force" and "X-Men: New Mutants", but its leadership has not yet decided on their future plans for the main film series. After "Apocalypse" performed at the box office significantly worse than "Days of Future Past", the major may try again to bet on the old-timers of the franchise. In this case, the simultaneous departure of two stars of the original trilogy at once risks becoming an irreparable loss for the popular cinematic universe.


The USA premiere of Wolverines 3 will take place on March 2, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman