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Is the fourth Star Trek near?

Image One of the most anticipated films of this year, the blockbuster " Star Trek: Infinity ", will premiere next week. The project team actively participates in various press conferences, and within one of them the producer J.J. Abrams decided to please the fans of the franchise with good news.

According to Abrams , who directed two parts of the film series, Paramount already has plans for a fourth film, while the third has not even been released.

Of course, it is still too early to discuss the quadriquel, and the leadership of the major will probably wait for the premiere of the triquel before officially announcing their plans. However, given the optimism of Abrams about the future of the film series, Paramount will react soon after the first box office results and the reaction from viewers and critics.


Although the details of the plot of the fourth part are now vaguely presented, journalist Scott Muntz tweeted that Abrams informed him about the return of Chris Hemsworth to the quadriquel. The latter, we recall, played the role of George Kirk in the updated franchise.

Insiders believe that in case of a positive decision, Paramount Abrams may himself lead the shooting of the blockbuster. It is possible that if the third part is successful, Justin Lin may again take the directorial chair of the quad.


The premiere of the triquela in USA is scheduled for July 21 .

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