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”28 Panfilovites” received an award for truth

Image Andrey Shalyopa , the director of the film “ 28 Panfilov's men ”, won the award “ For loyalty to historical truth ” established by the USA Military Historical Society. The awarding ceremony took place as part of the closing ceremony of the War and Myths exhibition, which was held in the Moscow Manege. This cinematic award is presented once a year to creators of films on the subject.

In a recent interview, Andrey Gennadievich commented on this event:“If this is really considered an award for loyalty to some truth for which we are trying to work, then this is for all of us, and this is great anyway.

Historical truth is a dangerous concept. There is simply a certain national identity that is expressed in culture, and that's it. There are things that correspond to it, and there are things that correspond to it to a lesser extent. It seems to me that the story of the feat of 28 Panfilov's men in the Dubosekovo area exclusively corresponds to the national culture, the national code. This is not even so much a historical truth as a national one. "


The film by Andrey Shaliopa and Kim Druzhinin is confidently in the top five box office leaders. At the moment, the " 28 Panfilovites " has more than 300 million rubles in its assets, and there is only the third rolling weekend ahead.

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Author: Jake Pinkman