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Casting: Towards a Prehistoric Shark and Kaiju

Image After the series "Fear the Walking Dead" ( Fear the Walking Dead ), Cliff Curtis already knows how to fight zombies, and now he will meet a giant shark on his way. According to the portal Deadline , the actor got a role in the thriller " Meg ".

The film based on the novel by Steve Alten tells about a former naval officer who lost his crew after a collision with a prehistoric shark, which miraculously survived to this day. The protagonist tries to forget about what happened, but returns to duty when Chinese scientists meet the same predator that escaped from the depression into the open sea after the volcanic eruption.

The main role in the project is given to Jason State, and, in addition to Curtis , he will be accompanied by Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamie, Rain Wilson, Masi Oka and Li Bingbing. John Terteltaub (National Treasure) will lead the film for a 2018 release.


Among the latest feature films to date with the participation of Cliff Curtis are the drama The Resurrection of Christ and the action movie The Last Knights.

Terrence Howard ("The Captives") will star in Rogue , which will be based on real events related to one of the largest raids in American history. The new film will be directed and written by Mark F. Kindred, debut in the world of big cinema.


In the center of the picture will be a former police officer who has gone over to the other side of the law. He declares war on the state institutions that have treated him unfairly, and then the authorities arrange a real hunt for him.

The female lead for the sequel " Pacific Rim " has been found - singer Kaley Spainy , who has only one feature film on her account so far - the thriller "Count to a Thousand". Kayleigh will be co-stars with John Boyega and Scott Eastwood, while Steven S. DeKnight ( Daredevil ) will direct the project.


The details of the second part are still kept secret. It is only known that Boyega will play the son of the hero Idrisa Elba, and there is no information about the role of Kaley Spainy . The blockbuster is set to premiere on 23 February 2018 .

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