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Stay with me on the Moon

Image Sean Levy has a lot to offer to moviegoers who have ever dreamed of the cult movie "Stay With Me" taking place somewhere in space. And although the director has been trying to protect children from the Other Side for the last couple of years, being the producer of Mysterious Events, Levi also does not forget about the full meter.

According to Variety, Sean is going to lead the production of a movie called Crater. 20th Century Fox's new project is described as "Stay with Me" with a fantastic twist. The submission was written by John J. Griffin and the idea came from visual effects specialist Rpin Suwannath.

The action of the tape will unfold in a mining colony on the moon. At the center of events is 14-year-old Caleb and his friends, who set off on a journey to a mysterious crater to fulfill the dying wish of Caleb's father. For the guys, this is the last chance to be together, because soon Caleb will fly to Omega - a planet intended for the upper class, but the doors of this utopian world are opening for the children of the dead miners.


Crater is the perfect project for Sean Levy as it combines elements of science fiction and family cinema. Both genres are familiar to the filmmaker, who has led not only Mysterious Events, but also Cheaper by the Dozen, Nights at the Museum and Living Steel. Among the future works of Levy is completely fiction: a remake of "Man from the Star" and a film adaptation of the video game Uncharted.

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