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Sean Levy's War of the Worlds

Image Sean Levy , whose track record already includes Real Steel and Mysterious Events, intends to add another fantasy project to them. According to the site Deadline , the filmmaker, despite being very busy, is eyeing the tape The Fall ( The Fall *) from Amblin Entertainment .

The company received the rights to the Pete Bridges script last year. The project is a blockbuster aimed at a family audience.In the story, a newly divorced couple is trying to get out of the city center in its vicinity in the midst of an alien invasion. The heroes need to return to their children, but before the former spouses reach their goal, they will face the alien marauders and have to deal with the secrets and problems, which have accumulated during the marriage.

According to the source, Levy will also take over as producer and possibly tweak Bridges 's script. The new project will be the first movie between the director and Amblin since Living Steel , and the parties hope to repeat the highly fruitful collaboration experience.


Sean Levy 's latest directorial work is the comedy Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Nowadays, the film maker devotes most of his time to his production projects and Mysterious Events . Also in the plans for Levy are the film adaptation of the video game series Uncharted, a remake of "Man from the Star" and a full-length version of Sesame Street.

* -preliminary translation.

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