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Sean Levy will produce horror for Lionsgate

Image Sean Levy and Dan Cohen, who collaborated on Mysterious Events, will be producing a new horror film for Lionsgate Studios. The script for the project, called Mother Land, was written by Sam Coughlin and Ryan Grassby. In 2016, Sam and Ryan co-wrote Cruel Dreams starring Bill Paxton at the Cannes Film Festival.

The horror plot revolves around a family that has been haunted by an evil spirit for many years. When one of the children suddenly wonders about the reality of the evil that is happening, the safety of not only the family itself, but the entire neighborhood is threatened.

Sean Levy is known as the creator of the Night at the Museum franchise. He was also among other producers nominated for an Oscar for the sci-fi drama Arrival. Lionsgate reportedly acquired the rights to Mother Land amid fierce competition. Levy and Cohen will be producing horror through their company 21 Laps.

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Source: Variety

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