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Fox will descend into the steel caves of Asimov

Image Studio 20th Century Fox has decided to present a wonderful gift to the multi-million army of science fiction fans. As reported by Variety , the Major's management has taken off the shelf the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov's famous novel Steel Caves .

Work on the project started back in 2011, when John Scott 3 ("Infected") was appointed the scriptwriter of the fantastic detective. After a while, the text was handed over to James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage), but then a real information vacuum formed around the film. Now it became known that the Oscar-winning Akiva Goldsman ("Games of the Mind"), who already has experience in adapting the works of the cult science fiction writer, will be engaged in finalizing the script. At one time, Akiva was involved in the blockbuster "I, Robot" in order to introduce several ideas from the books of Asimov into the original text of Jeff Wintar.

Steel Caves is set in the distant future, when the colonization of fifty planets around the Earth led to the creation of the civilization of the cosmonites. The inhabitants of these worlds bathe in luxury and actively use the labor of robots. The blue planet, in turn, suffers from overpopulation, which is why huge underground cities are created on its surface. The main characters of the book are the detective Elijah Bailey and the android R. Daniel Olivo tasked with investigating the murder of the Cosmonite Ambassador, who tried to convince Earthlings to weaken their laws against robots ...


Five years ago, Fox was planning to donate the director's chair for Steel Caves to Henry Hobson ( Infected ). Insiders are still at a loss to say whether he managed to retain the post of the steering project.

In 1964, the novel Asimov already formed the basis of one of the episodes of the British television anthology Story Parade. Bailey is portrayed by Peter Cushing and his android partner played by John Carson.

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