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Geniuses Among Us

Image In the filmography of Akiva Goldsman there are a variety of films: from "Games of Mind", which brought him an Oscar, and good science fiction like "I, Robot" to the unsuccessful "Dark Tower". There are many screen versions of various books on this list, and the new project of the producer and screenwriter is just one of them. According to Deadline, Goldsman is adapting the Gifted Trilogy, written by Markus Seiki.

The action of the book cycle takes place in the world of the future, where about 1% of humanity are so-called super-talented. They are by no means superheroes, but, unlike ordinary people, they are better at using the capabilities of their own brains. Someone is just very smart, someone has a memory comparable to a computer, but society sees a danger in them, and the government is watching them. Agent Nick Cooper is one of those, and one day he is given the task of tracking down a radical group and finding another super-talented one who can start a civil war. To catch a criminal, Nick must go against his own principles and betray his own.

It is noteworthy that Seiki has sold the rights to the film adaptation of The Gifted for the second time. The first buyer was Legendary, starring Will Smith. As a result, the rights returned to the writer, and he waited for the release of two other books in the cycle before conquering Hollywood again.


Akiva Goldsman will not only write the screenplays for the upcoming films, but also produce them with Shane Salerno (Wanted) and The Story Factory.

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Author: Jake Pinkman