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Fox is planning a Deadpool triquel

Image The film comic " Deadpool " became one of the discoveries this year, after grossing an impressive $ 754.5 million at the worldwide box office. 20th Century Fox immediately launched a sequel to the blockbuster, and now the site The Hollywood Reporter reports that the major is already thinking about the third film in the series.

True, the second part recently ran into problems - due to disagreements with Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller refused to lead the filming of the sequel, which forced the leadership of Fox to start looking for a new director. Following Miller , composer Janki Ex-El left the project as a sign of solidarity.

However, this does not prevent the studio bosses from betting on the chatty mercenary, since the future of the X-Men franchise remains uncertain. The premise is that the third Deadpool should contain X-Force , led by Cable . The participation of the latter in the sequel has already been confirmed, and Kyle Chandler claims to be his role. Earlier it was reported that X-Force could get its own film, but, probably, while Fox wants to look at the new team of mutants not in an independent project, but in the company of the popular Deadpool .


Next year, the last film about Wolverine with Hugh Jackman will be released, so for now only a mercenary in red latex will be responsible for the superheroics Fox . Previously, the studio was counting on "Gambit", but after the departure of director Doug Lyman, the project was postponed and is waiting for its time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman