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US Boxing Office: Wonder Woman Resists a Mummy

Image In the summer, a blockbuster or one of the most anticipated films of the year opens in theaters almost every week. Last weekend ( June 9-11 ), an ancient mummy competed with the Amazon princess, but in the end the superheroine easily defeated her opponents.

During the second rental week, Wonder Woman earned $ 57.2 million . Her audience dropped by only 45%, and this result is one of the best in the superhero genre. When compared with other films in the DC cinematic universe, Patty Jenkins lost the least number of viewers - for Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad this figure was 69% and 67 % respectively.

Now in the asset of the blockbuster, which can rightfully be considered the best in the MCU DC , there is $ 205 million . Wonder Woman achieved this result in just ten days, and her achievements outside the United States are estimated at $ 230.2 million .


The appearance of Gal Gadot as Diana back in Batman v Superman caused a flurry of emotions among moviegoers, and the solo album amazed not only viewers, but also strict critics. The latter noted that Patty Jenkins managed to combine common sense, emotionality and adrenaline in a single film in a truly Hollywood style. Wonder Woman , like the rest of the universe, brings the viewer to the Justice League, but Warner Bros. and the blockbuster team seem to have taken into account the mistakes of the past. The picture no longer looks so gloomy, there is enough humor, and in general the director managed to maintain a balance in everything.

But the creators of " Mummies " could not find the same balance. The return of the ancient creature to the screens did not become triumphant, and the film Alex Kurtzman started with a modest amount by blockbuster standards of $ 32.2 million . We agree that this result is not impressive, given the budget of $ 125 million and the fact that the picture opens the newly created Dark Universe of monsters from the studio Universal . And in comparison with the previous incarnations of The Mummy, the film with Tom Cruise loses on all fronts - in terms of fees on its debut weekend, it lost even to The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which is considered the least successful of all parts.


Representatives of the major have already expressed their concern that negative reviews from reviewers affected the number of viewers at the sessions. Critics have described the film as meaningless and ridiculous. Mummies has some horror elements, but they are buried under a lot of unnecessary action. There is no question of any adventure genre, and Tom Cruise looks completely out of place here.

However, unlike North American audiences, moviegoers from other countries don't seem to listen to critics. On the first weekend, they brought in $ 141.8 million to the film's piggy bank, and, curiously, in 46 countries, The Mummy took first place in the financial ranking.


The former leader of last week dropped to the third line - the cartoon " Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie " earned $ 12.3 million . The studio DreamWorks Animation did not expect such results from the animation tape, and so far in two weeks the box office of the film David Soren has collected only $ 44.6 million ... Even positive reviews from critics, who appreciated the bold experiments of the creators, did not help the project.

The fourth position of the top-5 with its $ 10.7 million is occupied by “ Pirates of the Caribbean ”. And although at home the new part of the popular franchise did not show impressive achievements, having collected only $ 135.8 million , but outside the United States it was a success. Now the sequel's total gross is $ 528.8 million , and the captain Jack Sparrow is rather rubbing his hands in spite of all ill-wishers.


The top five and the second Guardians of the Galaxy refuse to leave. Another week at the box office brought the blockbuster James Gunn $ 6.2 million , bringing his home box office to the amount of $ 366.4 million . If you take into account the box office worldwide, the film earned $ 828.3 million , which is already $ 50 million more than the final result of the first part.

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Author: Jake Pinkman