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Wonder Woman lights up the US box office

Image Last weekend was not the best for American film distributors - it was the worst Memorial Day weekend in 18 years. However, the situation has improved significantly this week, thanks in large part to the superheroine from the comics DC .

As expected, Wonder Woman easily topped the North American box office, starting at $ 100.5 million . Even before the premiere, it became clear that the next film of the DC cinematic universe will be a success, because, unlike other blockbusters in the franchise, the tape Patty Jenkins has earned a lot of praise from critics. Following its theater debut, a high A score helped Wonder Woman attract a significant number of viewers.

The film set a record for the grossing weekend premiere among projects directed by female directors (the previous one belonged to Fifty Shades of Gray). In addition, the blockbuster took the 16th place in this indicator among all film comics in the history of the box office. It shouldn't be surprising if, as a result, Wonder Woman raises close to $ 300 million in the United States.

It is also noteworthy that the blockbuster is by far the most successful film about a superheroine from comics, because "Electra" and "Catwoman" at the time failed at the box office. Painting Jenkins , on the contrary, could become the beginning of a whole franchise within the MCU DC - the press is already discussing the prospects of the sequel.


What is so amazing that viewers and critics saw in Wonder Woman ? The majority agreed that this is the best film in the DC comic strip. He is real enough for a superhero project, emotional and just beautiful. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins , according to reviewers, clearly show how to shoot superhero blockbusters, and given how many there have been over the past five years, fans of the genre are confidently calling Wonder Woman a breath of fresh air.

The advantages of the film can be enumerated for a long time, but the numbers speak for themselves - in addition to the $ 100 million earned in home theaters, the blockbuster also received $ 122.5 million from viewers from other countries.


Another newcomer of the week is on the second line of the financial rating - “ Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie ” began distribution with the amount of $ 23.5 million . In general, this is the result the bosses of DreamWorks Animation were counting on. However, of all the projects of the studio, the tape David Soren took only 26th place in terms of starting indicators. True, the major, taught by the bitter experience of the failed "Keepers of Dreams" with their budget of $ 145 million , tries not to allocate huge sums for the production of new cartoons. And if Captain Underpants does not lose the audience by next weekend, then the situation will not be critical. However, very soon the film will face serious competition in the face of "Cars 3" and "Despicable Me 3", and the first epic film is likely
At the same time, critics speak out about the cartoon in a positive way - it turned out to be funny and emotional. Director David Soren skillfully experiments with format and genre, and even an adult can laugh at the stupidity of what is happening on the screen and eccentric jokes.


The third place in the top 5 was taken by the new " Pirates of the Caribbean ". Captain's ship Jack Sparrow went down too quickly - in a week the film lost almost 66% of viewers (the worst indicator in the entire franchise), and its piggy bank was replenished by $ 21.6 million . In total, the sequel grossed $ 114.6 million in the North American box office - not a very impressive result with a budget of $ 230 million . However, the pirates found the real treasures outside the United States - viewers from other countries gave them $ 386.6 million , and the total amount of $ 501.2 million is no longer so disappointing for the studio Disney .


Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 "dropped to the fourth line of the top-5. Peter Quill and the company have raised an additional $ 9.7 million and can rejoice that they have $ 355.5 million in their assets only at home, and in the world blockbuster James Gunn has already earned $ 816.6 million .


Closing today's review of the US box office is the comedy " Rescuers Malibu ", which did not start well last week. Last weekend brought the film Seth Gordon only $ 8.5 million , and so far American viewers are not helping the film recoup its $ 69 -million budget. In home theaters, the remake has mastered $ 41.7 million , and its overseas debut brought him modest by modern standards $ 25.5 million .

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