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Patty Jenkins did not sign Wonder Woman 2


Contrary to previously reported information that Patty Jenkins' contract with Warner Bros. involves shooting a second solo movie dedicated to Wonder Woman, no agreements were signed by the parties at the time of the release of the first movie. This is reported by the Comicbook with reference to studio representatives.

It is alleged that this is a common practice for Warner Bros. - to conclude a contract on the creation of one movie with directors who have not had such projects in the past. Now the studio management will have to propose a new agreement to Jenkins. Naturally, due to the success of the movie at home, Jenkins will have the right to demand a substantial increase in his fee, which is likely to happen.

Recall that "Wonder Woman" started at the American box office with the best result among movies made by women. Her gross on the premiere weekend exceeded $ 100 million. A little more than $ 100 million, the tape earned outside North America.

In USA, "Wonder Woman" did not show any impressive results. The movie showed one of the weakest starts among comic book adaptations, earning just over 200 million rubles in its first weekend.

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Author: Jake Pinkman