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Superhero disco. Trailer for the second ”Wonder Woman”

Image As the DC Cinematic Universe was drowning in darkness, a ray of light appeared in it - released in 2017, Wonder Woman. The blockbuster was not only a box office success, it also gave hope to Warner Bros. All was not lost for DC superheroes, and it was Wonder Woman that made the major's management look at the construction of the universe from a different angle. Next year, viewers will see Diana (Gal Gadot) again on the big screens, and WB has finally launched an active promotional campaign for Wonder Woman 1984 with the first trailer.

Already from the title of the tape, it becomes clear that from the fields of World War II, the title heroine will move to the fiery 80s - disco rhythms, bright clothes and, if we talk about serious things, the end of the Cold War. This time, Diana will face two enemies at once - the villainess Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and the entrepreneur Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), who has exorbitant political ambitions. Well, Wonder Woman will be helped by her beloved Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), whose miraculous resurrection the creators of the blockbuster have probably found an excuse for.

Patty Jenkins returned to the director's chair for the sequel, working on the first Wonder Woman. And if someone thinks that two films about Diana are the limit, then WB thinks differently. At a convention in Brazil, Jenkins announced that a spin-off dedicated to the Amazons of Themyscira was in development. It is not yet clear whether the heroine Gal Gadot will appear in it, and the project itself has not yet received the green light from the studio.

Wonder Woman 1984
Dubbed Trailer

USA viewers will be able to go with Wonder Woman to 1984 on June 4 next year.

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