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Shyamalan is ready to direct the sequel to ”Invincible”

Image Attention, this news contains spoilers for the movie "Split"!

Although the psychological thriller " Split " began its journey in wide North American box office only a few days ago, it has already managed to win a lot of flattering reviews in the press, earn almost five times its $ 10 million budget and finally convince viewers in the fact that in the career of M. Night Shyamalan a white streak has come.

In 1999 the film "The Sixth Sense" brought world fame to the filmmaker. The mystical thriller hit the box office, earned six Oscar nominations, and presented viewers with one of the most dramatic final twists in cinematic history. A year later, Shyamalan confirmed his status as a rising Hollywood star with the superhero drama Invincible .

The central character of the story was the guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who managed to survive in a large-scale train accident. With the help of the comic shop owner Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), the protagonist finds out that amazing superpowers helped him stay alive ...


" Invincible " was supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, but the management of the film company Touchstone Pictures were disappointed with his collection and chose to send the sequel to the shelf. The decision of the studio bosses raised a lot of questions from viewers, because the film not only earned $ 248 million at the worldwide box office with a production budget of $ 75 million , but also enjoyed huge demand for DVD.

Several years later, Shyamalan had to go through a series of high-profile failures. First, the journalists destroyed the fantasy film "The Lord of the Elements", and then the same fate befell the science fiction blockbuster "After our era". The world of television helped to save the director's reputation: a couple of years ago M. Knight played an active role in the first season of Wayward Pines , which earned Fox solid ratings and rave reviews from critics. Wayward Pines br />

In 2015, Shyamalan successfully returned to the world of big cinema with the horror "Visit", which managed to earn almost 20 times its budget. At the same time, the director had the idea to shoot the long-awaited sequel to " The Invincible ". However, in the end, the master of suspense chose to revert to the superhero theme already in the " Split " tape. The protagonist of the new project Shyamalan is Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy), in which 24 personalities coexist at once. The director's signature final twist made it clear that Split is set in the same universe as Invincible .

In an interview with Uproxx , the director announced that he is ready to shoot another film that will finally unite the heroes of " Invincible " and " Split ". "I intend to film the final part of this kind of trilogy," admitted Shyamalan . -I'm in touch with Bruce Willis , Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy . I hope I will be able to tell one more chapter of this story in the very near future”.


A year ago, the director was appointed as the curator of the Tales from the Crypt reboot, but rumors circulated last month that work on a new version of the television anthology had been suspended due to protracted negotiations between TNT and former copyright holders. It is possible that in the work schedule of Shyamalan , a free window suddenly appeared, which he decided to use for filming a new film for his MCU.

The USA premiere of " Split " will take place on March 16 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman