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USA Box Office is tired of damn cassettes

Image Over the past weekend ( February 3-5 ), the attention of many Americans was riveted on the Super Bowl , and therefore no impressive achievements were expected in the US box office, and loud premieres the distributors decided to leave it for later.

The absence of strong competitors allowed the film " Split " to remain at the top of the financial rankings for the third week in a row. Painting M. Night Shyamalana added to her asset $ 14.6 million , after which her box office gross came close to the mark of $ 100 million - now the tape has $ 98.7 million .

It is noteworthy that for the first time since the "Sixth Sense" creation of Shyamalan for the third week in a row tops the North American distribution. The same can be said about the studio Universal - the last time its project occupied the first line during this time was in 2015. Then the musical drama "Voice of the Streets" managed to do it. Split feels good outside the United States, where grateful viewers have replenished the film's piggy bank for $ 44 million .


In general, the ended weekend can be called a battle of horror, because the main rival of the picture with James McAvoy was the next part of the "Call" franchise. On Friday, the triquel even outstripped Split , but then the negative reaction of the audience still played a role.

The horror movie “ Calls ” managed to master $ 13 million at the start, and so far this is the worst debut among all the representatives of the film series. In 2002, The Ring Gore Verbinski eventually managed to raise $ 249.3 million at the worldwide box office, and the sequel earned $ 161.5 million . The third part, however, can only dream of such figures. Of course, overseas viewers helped the triquel by donating $ 15.2 million , but negative reviews are unlikely to allow the horror to achieve impressive results.


However, it is unlikely that STX was counting on more, because the project was postponed several times and was originally supposed to be released in November 2015. As a result, F. Javier Gutierrez now has a humiliating 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a low C- rating from early moviegoers. Critics did not stand on ceremony either. A weak scenario, completely uninteresting characters - this is not a complete list of claims to the third part. In general, the reviewers found the picture incredibly boring and not in the least frightening.


Last week's vice-leader, the drama " A Dog's Life ", moved down to the third line. The film Lasse Hallstrom grossed an additional $ 10.8 million and is now estimated at $ 32.9 million in the US. Just the other day, the press published the results of an independent investigation, launched after the video from the filming of the film was leaked to the Internet. The commission found that there is no talk of any kind of abuse of animals, and the video in which a frightened dog is forced to enter the water was specially edited in such a way as to mislead people.


The main contenders for the Oscar continue to hold their positions - the drama Hidden Figures just lagged behind A Dog's Life , having collected $ 10.1 million . And while moviegoers are eagerly awaiting the main film awards ceremony, women mathematicians do not stop there - now they have $ 119.4 million in their piggy bank. True, the film Ted Melfi won only North American distribution - abroad it grossed only $ 2.8 million .


Closes the top five of the best musical " La La Land ", to which the journalists predict the title of the main triumphant of the future Oscar ceremony. Another $ 7.5 million went to the musical drama, which earned $ 118.3 million in the United States, but, unlike "Hidden Figures" , which managed to charm and viewers from other countries. At the moment, the picture has collected in the world box office $ 268.3 million (including the home box office).

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Author: Jake Pinkman