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Box Office: 20 McAvoy Personalities Capture American Audiences

Image The past weekend ( January 20-22 ) directed by M. Night Shyamalan can be called very successful, because his new film, the thriller " Split ", became the leader of the North American box office and at the start immediately mastered an amount that was four times the production budget.

So, the picture with James McAvoy in the title role earned $ 40.2 million in the first weekend. For this indicator, she took the fourth line in the list of January releases in the entire history of the box office. If we talk about the previous works of Shyamalan , then among them Split also comes fourth after Signs ( $ 60 million ), The Mysterious Forest "( $ 50.7 million ) and" The Lord of the Elements "( $ 40.3 million ).

It is noteworthy that Shyamalan financed his latest project himself, and about $ 10 million was spent on his filming, so that the tape has already reached the level of self-sufficiency on its debut weekend. On the world stage, the successes of Split are not so noticeable - outside the US, the thriller has so far raised only $ 5.8 million .


The first moviegoers gave the film an average rating of B + , but critics were mostly satisfied with the picture in general and McAvoy in particular. Indeed, the actor embodied the image of a psychopath, in which more than 20 personalities coexist. According to reviewers, while you watch the tape to the end, it will play well on your nerves. Shyamalan skillfully whips up suspense, and various psychological tricks and closed spaces where the action takes place will definitely appeal to fans of the genre.

The director's previous film, The Visit, also had a great start at the box office and earned about $ 100 million with a modest budget of $ 5 million . Split will probably be able to repeat this result, or even surpass it in a good scenario.


The second position of the top-5 went to another newcomer of the rental - the blockbuster "XXXX: World Domination ". The return of Xander Cage to the screens after many years of absence, as expected, raised $ 20 million at the start. It would seem that for a project with a budget of $ 85 million this is not such a large amount, but overseas viewers came to the rescue of the film DJ Caruso . Outside the walls of American cinemas, the action movie received $ 50.5 million .

It is noteworthy that viewers on the site CinemaScore rated Three X's even higher than Split - the picture with Vin Diesel earned a rating A- . The reviewers, oddly enough, were generally satisfied with the triquel. Diesel and Caruso managed to breathe energy into a project that was supposed to be another unnecessary sequel. Fans of action films are unlikely to see anything new in terms of action in the third part, but the team of the tape has made a movie, every detail of which works for one goal - to entertain the viewer.


The leader of the previous two weeks, the drama " Hidden Figures ", has dropped to the third line. Interest in the film Ted Melfi does not fade: it is one of the main contenders for the Oscar . On the eve of the announcement of the nominees for the Academy Award Hidden Figures lost only 22% of the audience. An additional $ 16.3 million went to the tape's piggy bank, and now its achievements at home are estimated at $ 84.2 million .


Behind the "Hidden Figures" in the top-5 is the cartoon " Sing ". The creation of Illumination and Universal added another $ 9 million to their financial assets. In total, for five weeks in theaters, the animation film boasts an amount of $ 249.4 million - an excellent result, given that the budget of Singers was $ 75 million . Well, the world rental provided the film with $ 428 million (including home fees).


Fifth place last weekend was occupied by the musical " La La Land ". The film Damien Chazelle lost several positions at once, but journalists do not exclude that after the announcement of the nominees for the Oscar interest in it will increase. In the meantime, an additional $ 8.4 million went to the picture's piggy bank. Home grossing of the tape is $ 89.7 million , and approximately the same amount was presented to her by viewers outside the United States ( $ 83.7 million ).

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