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US Boxing Office: McAvoy is Better than Dog

Image For the second week in a row, Americans never cease to admire how James McAvoy managed to embody the image of a man in which many personalities get along. The thriller " Split " easily managed to hold the first position in the US box office following the results of the weekend ( January 27-29 ).

Film M. Night Shyamalan added $ 26.3 million to his piggy bank, thus increasing the home cash register to $ 78 million . Taking into account the fact that the film's budget was modest $ 9 million , the result of its two-week stay in cinemas is good news.

Now we can confidently talk about the return of Shyamalan to the ranks, and his collaboration with producer Jason Bloom played a significant role in this. Last year, the horror movie "Visit" achieved great success at the box office, and "Split" keeps up with it, getting closer and closer to the mark of $ 100 million .


We completely agree with such financial achievements of the thriller and critics. McAvoy is clearly the centerpiece of the plot, and the actor does a great job. Each of his personalities turned out to be unique in their own way, but Shyamalan did not stop there - he surprised the viewer again and again throughout the entire timing.

The drama " A Dog's Life " was much less fortunate - even before the premiere, the film faced some problems. After a video from the site was leaked on the Web, where a member of the film crew tried to throw a frightened dog into the water, the press and animal advocates attacked the filmmakers. And although the producers in their interviews claimed that this video was mostly a provocation, several million Lasse Hallstrem tape was missing in the first week.


A Dog's Life still managed to attract a family audience, adding $ 18.4 million to the drama's financial asset, but before the scandalous video appeared, distributors expected the film to start with a mark in $ 24 million . On the other hand, the film began a trip to the theaters in about the same way as other projects about animals - "White Captivity" ( $ 20.2 million ) and "Dolphin Story" ( $ 19.1 million ). However, the creation of Hallstrom did not make it to the result of "Marley and Me" ( $ 36.4 million ).

The film also did not cause much delight among the reviewers. Yes, the theme of the inextricable connection between a person and his pet will surely remind movie fans of the films "My Dog Skip", "The Way Home" and "Old Lies". However, the director tries to play on sentimental feelings, to which even the musical accompaniment has, and in some moments "A Dog's Life" goes over the edge, acquiring excessive gloom.


The announcement of the nominees for the Oscar played into the hands of “ Hidden Figures ” - the drama lost only 11% of its audience and added $ 14 million to its assets. Now the collection of the painting Ted Melfi in the United States has exceeded $ 100 million , and the history of women mathematicians who stood at the origins of the space program NASA has paid back its budget ( $ 25 million ) quadrupled.

The final part of the "Resident Evil" franchise started at the box office from the fourth line. The blockbuster subtitled " The Final Chapter " made its debut weekend $ 13.9 million - not too impressive for a project with a budget of $ 40 million . However, the filmmakers did not really count on American viewers, since the previous two parts of the film series showed themselves better outside the United States. This is what happened now - overseas, the tape received $ 64.5 million .


Oddly enough, some critics were impressed by The Final Chapter , although theatergoers gave it an average B . According to reviewers, fans of the franchise will not be disappointed by the film Paul W. S. Anderson , and those who are just getting acquainted with Alice will be encouraged to watch the previous parts. If we put aside the skepticism about the absurdity of modern militants, there are many positive moments in the tape, journalists say. For example, in the final movie, the plot and the action are intertwined, rather than existing as separate elements. As a real magician, Anderson has all the fun in store for last.


The musical La La Land , which received over a thousand additional copies this weekend, earned another $ 12.1 million . Like Hidden Figures , Damien Chazelle boasts that it successfully crossed the $ 100 million milestone at home, grossing $ 106.5 million . The situation on the world stage is also excellent for the tape, where it already has $ 117 million .

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