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Plush Tiger Guarding the Law

Image Comics have always been fertile ground for filmmakers. Sequels, prequels, reboots of various franchises, TV series and cartoons have long flooded screens, both large and small. Two universes, Marvel and DC , arrange life and death battles, offering the viewer more and more adventures of already familiar heroes or talking about those who have not been given attention. It is all the more interesting to watch how independent companies are trying to break through to the screens with the adaptation of their comics. And even with very unusual characters.

According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , there has been a replenishment in the list of graphic novels whose characters may appear on the big screens. Producer of action crime films about a professional assassin named Hitman, Adrian Askaria, has acquired the rights to film a comic book titled Spencer and Locke .

Created by writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago Jr. , the comic followsa detective whose former high school sweetheart was found brutally murdered. The only thing that remains for the protagonist is to seek help from his unusual partner, who turns out to be a toy tiger, an imaginary pet from his childhood.


The comic published by Action Lab , which first appeared in April this year, is based on the classic idea of a child's imaginary friend. For example, in the 1980s - 1990s, the American artist Bill Watterson invented and painted the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs about a six-year-old boy Kelvin and his plush tiger Hobbs . Thanks to his rich imagination, Kelvin was both a superhero, and a private detective, and a captain of a spaceship, and his faithful friend, the tiger Hobbs , whom the boy considered the same, accompanied him on his adventures alive, like himself.

Of course, the story of Spencer and Locke will be far from innocent. The project is described as " 'Calvin and the Hobb' in the spirit of Tarantino," and the cover caption of the first issue of the comics reads:His partner is imaginary, but the dangers are real ".


The project is still at the very early stage of development. It is only known that Askaria is currently working with Constantin Film , which produced films from the Resident Evil series, to turn the relatively new comics into a full-fledged film franchise.

“The story has captured me from the very first issue,- says Askaria . -There is something deeply dark and uniquely cinematic about what David and Jorge have done.

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Author: Jake Pinkman