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Dangerous Girls

Image After the success of Wonder Woman, it was to be expected that filmmakers would turn their attention to other comic strips featuring strong female characters. As The Hollywood Reporter found out, the producers behind the Resident Evil series have acquired the rights to adapt the Danger Girl comics * and plan to build an entire franchise based on them. According to the source, Constantin Films will join forces with Bolt Pictures and Hitman producer Adrian Askaria to work on films and television series based on the graphic novel by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell, which debuted in print back in 1998.

Initially, the comic was positioned as a mixture of James Bond, Charlie's Angels and Indiana Jones. The main character is treasure hunter Abby Chase, who is hired by a secret organization. Together with two other girls, Abby travels around the globe in search of mystical artifacts in order to prevent a villainous syndicate dreaming of world domination from taking possession of these items.

Rumors that "Dangerous Girl" could become a full-length film have been circulating for a long time. Initially, New Line wanted to bring the comic to the big screens, bringing in the original writers as screenwriters and appointing Stephen Norrington ("Blade") as director. Five years ago, BenderSpink was trying to find sponsors for a film adaptation, in which Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale and Sofia Vergara were considered.


Adrian Askaria himself has been trying to implement the project since 2010, when Todd Lincoln (The Apparition) was supposed to be the director of the film comic strip. However, right now Askaria has found a new production team for the adaptation of Dangerous Girl, which believes in the success of creating a fun and spectacular action.

* - preliminary translation.

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