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American Medical History

Image Films and series based on real events are always in great demand among viewers. The literary agency Writ Large intends to tell viewers about the crime that shocked many North Americans. According to Deadline , the Californian company has snatched the film rights of Michelle Dean from the hands of Hollywood studios “ She would be the perfect mom for someone who would really sick ".

Dee Dee Blanchard knew almost every inhabitant of the town of Springfield. The woman was considered an angel in the flesh, because for many years she had to single-handedly care for her daughter, Gypsy , who was confined to a wheelchair. According to Dee Dee , as a child, the girl suffered a brain injury and had leukemia, which seriously affected her mental and physical development. The heartbreaking story of the heroine mother and her seriously ill child first appeared in local newspapers, and then aroused the interest of journalists from national publications. Soon, Dee Dee began to receive money and basic necessities from dozens of caring compatriots.

Thunder from a clear sky broke out on June 14 last year, when the status on the page Blanchard in one of the social networks was changed to "Bitch is dead." Soon, a message appeared on the tape from an unknown person who claimed that he had killed Dee Dee and raped her daughter. Friends and acquaintances Blanchard immediately informed the police, who found the woman's body in the bedroom of her house. A wheelchair Gypsy was found in her room, but the girl herself disappeared without a trace.


It seemed that she fell victim to some kind of maniac, but a quick survey of neighbors showed that Gypsy secretly from her mother was in Internet correspondence with a young man. When the police raided his house, the officers not only found the girl in good health, but also found that she never needed a wheelchair or special care, as her mother seriously exaggerated her painful condition. When Gypsy finally got tired of acting out a comedy, she decided to persuade her boyfriend to deal with Dee Dee . However, instead of the long-awaited freedom, the girl received a ten-year prison sentence.


Michelle Dean herself will be the scriptwriter of the project. Reportedly, Writ Large has not yet decided on the final format for the film adaptation. She can try to bring this story to the big screen or follow in the footsteps of the creators of the television anthology American Crime Story ( American Crime Story ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman