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A Malignant Man Among Us

Image James Wang is a very busy man. He is not only working on the blockbuster "Aquaman", but also continues to develop the universe of "The Conjuring" as a producer. Among the long-standing projects of the filmmaker is the film adaptation of another comic, which has become one step closer to hitting the big screens.

Malignant Man ( "Malignant Man" ) is a graphic novel created by Wang in collaboration with Michael Alan Nelson. The studio 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to film it back in 2014, and then Wang himself was going to lead the work on the tape. However, due to the filmmaker's involvement in other projects, Brad Peyton was appointed director last summer. But he eventually turned his attention to adapting the video game Rampage, and Malignant Man was left without a helmsman. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , now Rebecca Thomas will take care of the painting titled Malignant .

The newly minted director cannot boast of great experience - on the account of Thomas there are only indie drama "No Longer Children" and an episode of the second season of "Mysterious Events". Also Rebecca has claimed the helm of Captain Marvel and is still assigned to the The Little Mermaid project from Universal .


As for the comic strip Malignant Man , it talks about Alan Gates who was diagnosed with cancer. The hero was resigned to imminent death until it turned out that the tumor was not cancer, but a mysterious parasite of alien origin. Gates not only gained the will to live, but also received extraordinary abilities. However, not everything is so simple - Alan must fight a secret army of evil and reveal the secrets of his own past.

The comic is significantly different from other works by James Wang - the future film is described as a kind of thriller "Aliens Among Us", but with an admixture of elements of horror and superheroics. The script for the picture belongs to the authorship of Zak Olkiewicz.

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