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May the savior come

Image This summer, the success of Wonder Woman gave audiences hope that the dark days of the DC cinematic universe were a thing of the past. However, then the blockbuster Justice League was released, due to which the superhero franchise again took two steps back.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Warner Bros. looking for ways out of the protracted crisis. For starters, the Hollywood major decided to re-arrange the leadership of his DC Films division. Studio bosses are also trying to inject fresh blood into the series to replace Zack Snyder, who seems to have completely lost their trust.

Matthew Vaughn may be the new face in the DC universe. Over the past year, the Briton managed to woo, first in the director's chair, the sequel to "Man of Steel", and then - Flash's solo album. Matthew's track record includes Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and Kingsman: The Secret Service, so his experience and talent will certainly come in handy for the WB. As it turned out, the director himself is ready to cooperate with the studio.


"I love the DC comics world," Vaughn admitted to IGN. -I am currently having some negotiations with the WB management. It's always fun to jump into new franchises when times are tough for them because it's so much easier to make a good movie. When I was invited to work on First Class, the bar for the mutant saga was pretty low. No offense, but X-Men: The Last Stand hardly a masterpiece. I love saving film series and trying new moves within the superhero genre. I would feel a lot more pressure if I were assigned to work on a successful franchise like Guardians of the Galaxy.

If I were asked to direct the new Batman, I would not use the stories from The Dark Knight Returns comics, because the story of the Dark Knight has already been excellently told once, - continued the director. -I'm not interested in copying someone's style. Every time I try to invent something completely new”.


To the disappointment of Vaughn's fans, Matt Reeves has already been assigned the post of director of the Gotham Sentinel solo album. Fans of Matthew's creativity can only hope that their favorite will get a chance to show their talent while working on some other film in the DC universe.

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Author: Jake Pinkman