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Down with Justice League!

Image Henry Cavill and his poor Superman haunt journalists. Despite the fact that it was with him that the DC cinematic universe began, albeit not very successful, Man of Steel turned into a minor player in the franchise, and the "Justice League" was remembered by his fans only as a joke with a worn mustache. A few days ago we wrote that Warner Bros. She finally confirmed her decision to replace Cavill, but now insiders have other information.

According to rumors, the WB leadership wants to completely erase "Man of Steel", "Batman v Superman" and "Justice League" from the history of the DCU. The upcoming solo album of Flash will help the studio in this. His team is still going to adapt the story arc known as Flashpoint. She once helped bring about a massive reboot in the world of DC comics. Flashpoint will do the same with the film series: Barry Allen's solo album will radically change the events that have already taken place in the franchise.

As for Cavill's fate, there is still little hope for the actor. By going through Man of Steel with an eraser, WB will give Superman an opportunity to straighten his cloak again, and the studio will decide later who will play the hero, Cavill or a younger actor. It should be assumed that the final point in this tangled story will be put by "The Flash".


As you can see, the major is trying with all his might to distance himself from the era of Zach Snyder, who almost buried the entire DC cinematic universe alive. The franchise now relies on reboots and new heroes, but so far this strategy isn't working as well as WB bosses would like.

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