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Will Smith will meet with the Orcs again

Image In recent years, the online service Netflix has managed not only to become one of the world leaders in the production of TV series, but also to establish the work of its own film department. If this year the streaming giant has created five dozen films, then next year it intends to present 80 new films to its subscribers.

According to Bloomberg, in 2018 the Netflix management plans to spend about $ 8 billion on filming films and TV series. It is not surprising that recently the budgets of online movie projects have begun to grow rapidly. The first full-fledged Netflix blockbuster was David Eyre's fantasy thriller Brightness, which cost about $ 90 million to create.

On the eve of the film's premiere, it became known that Netflix bosses had given the green light to the filming of its sequel. Moreover, the online service has already managed to sign up for the second part of Will Smith.


In "Brightness," Smith will portray the seasoned cop who will partner with the first orc in the history of the LAPD. During one of the night patrols, the heroes of the film will discover a powerful artifact and find themselves in the center of a bloody war between criminal clans ...

The early reviews of Eyre's tape were devastating, but Netflix management clearly sees Brightness as a good potential to build its first high-budget film franchise.

The Topic of Article: Will Smith will meet with the Orcs again.
Author: Jake Pinkman