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Bodyguard, Granny & Emojis: Watch This Week

Image Summer is gradually entering its final phase, and the level of concentration of blockbusters per square meter is decreasing. However, this does not mean that there will be nothing to go for - on the contrary, this week as many as eight films will begin their march through USA cinemas.

The "badabum" component this time is the responsibility of "Hitman's Bodyguard" , in which Ryan Reynolds is assigned as a bodyguard to hitman Samuel L. Jackson. The trailers set in a positive mood, although Patrick Hughes was in charge of staging what promises to be a charming disgrace. So far, this director has pleased me very much with the short film Signs, but in big cinema his merits are much more modest (The Expendables 3, Red Hill).

Marius Weisberg and company ("Love in the Big City", "Rzhevsky against Napoleon") are once again going to make the viewer laugh. They will present to the audience of cinemas "Grandmother of easy virtue" , which easily traces analogies with classics like "Tootsie" or "Mrs. Doubtfire". Neither Hoffman nor Williams is here, but there is Alexander Revva and Natalia "Glucose" Ionova. And their acting achievements are still not so perfect.

Emoji. Movie »
Dubbed trailer

Sony cartoons differ from Pixar in only one, but a fundamental point: the former are shot for popcorn, the latter for the soul. Two years ago, craftsmen from Pixar amazed the whole world with a story about emotions that live in people. The artisans at Sony decided to respond with a story about the emotions that live in smartphones - the so-called emoji. "Emoji Movie" was conceived as an entertaining attraction without sentimental moments and life moralizing (as always with Sony ), but this time overseas the tape was defeated not only by critics. Even an ordinary viewer gave an animated picture a very low rating: on the movie site IMDB at the time of this writing - 1.7 out of 10 possible.

ImageBaltasar Kormakur is perhaps the most successful Icelandic cinematographer. At first he achieved success at home ("The Deeps", "White Night Wedding"), and then he was able to establish himself in Hollywood ("Two Trunks", "Everest"). His new film "The Oath" tells the story of a surgeon who is forced to break the law to save his daughter. Despite the already familiar plotline, on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes , the feed has 89% positive reviews.

The Ghosts of Ismael from the homeland of cinema is notable primarily for its cast: the most fashionable French actress Marion Cotillard, the genius Mathieu Amalric, Louis Garrel with a piercing look and Lars von Trier's favorite Charlotte Gainsbourg. The artists act out the story of a spiritual search, an idyll of love and the collapse of hopes. The Ghosts of Ismael was honored to open this year's Cannes Film Festival and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics.


Gael Garcia Bernal decided to change the baton for an infinite number of air tickets. The Canadian-Mexican dramedy "Susana, you are killing me" tells the story of a man who lived a carefree life, completely ignoring his wife. At one point, the faithful decides to reciprocate and indulge in all seriousness. The main character understands the importance of their relationship and rushes to save his marriage. Going to this film, you should be ready for humor with a Mexican flavor, a large number of 18+ moments and other nuances typical of cinema from the homeland of Inarritu and Cuarona.

A whole galaxy of USA film stars, from Yuri Stoyanov to Darya Moroz, took part in the filming of the "Graphomafia" project . However, hope is inspired not so much by the actors involved in the film, as by the name of Eduard Radzyukevich opposite the items "scriptwriter" and "director". And the tape "Above the Depth: Chronicle of Survival" will once again tell about the collision of young extreme lovers with great white sharks. True, the film is originally from Australia, so there is a chance to see something different from the cliched American variations on the theme.

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