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Sony to reveal British Roswell

Image The success of the revived X-Files proved that audiences continue to have a huge interest in the stories of the green men. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the world of television is preparing to please the fans of ufology with another curious series about guests from distant space.

The television department of Sony studio begins work on a multi-part drama about a series of mysterious incidents in Randlesham Forest, which foreign journalists have compared to the famous Roswell incident. On December 26, 1980, unusual lights were seen in the sky over an American Air Force base in the English county of Suffolk, which the military mistook for a UFO. Strange tracks appeared near the base, but law enforcement officers who arrived in Randlesham Forest assured the Americans that most of the time some animals were walking around. However, two days later, a mysterious glow reappeared over the military base.

The story was continued three years later, when the US Air Force was forced to comply with the freedom of information law and publish a report on the incident, which was drawn up in early 1981 by the commander of the Suffolk base. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt claimed that several of his colleagues saw the unidentified flying object at once. In 1983, they all backtracked, thanks to which the conspiracy theorists were finally convinced that the British and American authorities were trying to hide information about the alien visit from the public. Meanwhile, skeptics continued to believe that the military simply mistook a bright star or lighthouse for a UFO ...


Joe Ehirn will write and direct the pilot of the television series. The Briton showed his talent as a storyteller while working on the adventure drama Da Vinci's Demons and the detective thriller Trance, and the sci-fi series Doctor Who helped him hone his directorial skills. The mystical drama tentatively titled Randlesham is expected to unfold in two time periods - 1980 and 2020.

According to insiders, the management of Sony Pictures Television intends to present its intriguing project to the heads of leading American and British television networks in the near future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman