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Hollywood to siege Kheshani

Image Recently, American film and television figures have begun to show renewed interest in stories of the Vietnam War. In April, we reported that the four-time Oscar nominee Michael Mann would direct a mini-series about the battle for the city of Hue, and in June Hollywood received the news about the start of work on the film adaptation of the autobiography of a military journalist Kate Webb . According to Deadline , the Dream Factory is preparing another film about Vietnam.

The film " Kheshan " tells the audience about the famous battle for the military base of the same name in South Vietnam. In early 1968, 5,000 young American Marines were surrounded by a 20,000-strong Viet Cong army. The siege of Kheshani went on for several months. During this time, US Air Force aircraft flew about 24,000 sorties to the base area and dropped more than one hundred thousand tons of bombs.


It is expected that the film will present to the audience not only the fields of bloody battles, but also the residence of the President of the United States. Lyndon Johnson believed that defeat at the Battle of Kheshan would seriously damage his reputation. As a result, a model of a military base was built in one of the rooms of the White House so that the supreme commander could closely monitor the balance of power during its siege.


The war drama was written by Jason Horwich (Luke Cage) and will be directed by the six Emmy award-winning John Wells director, screenwriter and producer participated in the creation of such series as "West Wing", "Ambulance" and "By Wolf's Laws".

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