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Pegg and Frost will go in search of the truth

Image The world of television continues to have a huge interest in stories of mysterious incidents and unexplained phenomena. Over the past year alone, viewers have witnessed the debut of the comedy series Paranormal and the return of the heroes of the cult The X-Files to the screens. According to Variety, another curious TV project about supernatural phenomena will soon await the public.

British comedians Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are preparing a new series on a mystical theme. In May last year, it became known that bosom friends decided to create their own production company. The first series produced by Stolen Picture will be a comedy horror movie tentatively titled Truth Seekers, featuring three paranormal researchers.

It seems that the novelty will adhere to the format "monster of the week", which is popular for serials of this genre. "Each episode of the comedy will be a separate adventure," said Simon Pegg. -In the course of the development of the plot of the series, the small business of the main characters of the story will begin to go global".


Pegg and Frost's intriguing project will be backed by Sony Pictures' television division, which has already begun offering Truth Seekers to bosses of leading American channels and online services.

The Stolen Picture founders have not yet revealed if they intend to play any roles in their series. This year, Pegg will appear on the big screens in four films at once, including such high-profile blockbusters as Ready Player One and Mission: Impossible 6. As for Frost, he will soon be seen in the adventure film Tomb Raider: Lara Croft and the third season of the post-apocalyptic action game In the Desert of Death.

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