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Simon Pegg will try his hand at directing

Image Simon Pegg intends to add a new line to his impressive resume. As it became known to the Empire edition, the famous British comedian is preparing for his directorial debut.

Last year, I got a script from producer Naira Park who wrote,“ This could be your first directorial project in a big movie, ”admitted Pegg. -After reading the text, I really got a dream to transfer the heroes of this story to the cinema screens. Hopefully we will start production this November. ”

Simon has not yet disclosed information about the plot of the picture and joked that it was about porn.


Previously, the actor has already managed to prove himself as a talented author. He assisted Edgar Wright with the plot of the legendary Cornetto Trilogy of Three Tastes and was involved in scripting the fantastic comedy Paul: The Secret Material and the blockbuster Star Trek: Infinity. The production career of the British multi-player is also quite successful: last year Pegg became a real movie mogul and founded his own studio, Stolen Picture.

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Author: Jake Pinkman