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Box office: USAns stayed true to Spanish assassin

Image USA's box office figures this week confirmed the well-known postulate that all good things come to an end. Compared to last weekend, the performance of the current one has decreased by more than 50% . The twenty most profitable films brought distributors only 731 million rubles. and the realization that they would soon need a new favorite. In the meantime, all its previous leaders have not dropped out of the financial race, and two of them even managed to maintain favorable positions.

It is about an adaptation of the series of popular computer games " Assassin's Creed ". With the additional earned 141 million rubles , the tape of Justin Kurzel has remained in the first place in the rating, and even a significant decline in public interest could not harm it. However, the billion-dollar milestone with a total amount of 885.5 million rubles. does not look so easy to take a mark. The fact is that, although " Creed " ranks second in the list of the highest grossing films based on video games (ahead only "Warcraft"), the project itself does not cause a storm of positive emotions.


Those who praise the action-packed thriller do so with great care, while others are happy to find fault with all the inconsistencies with the original mythology of the games, the sluggish action and the vague main character, whom even the magnificent Michael Fassbender could not make memorable. But the most important thing, perhaps, is that “ Credo ” very quickly lost its attractiveness in the eyes of the film community, which means it ended up in a not very favorable information environment.

But the necessary news background, partly artificially, partly for natural reasons, was created around the domestic hit of the box office - the historical drama " Viking ". The blockbuster by Andrey Kravchuk , in spite of the almost sole dominion over the New Year's box office, does not let the public go. It pays dividends - in the third week the film grossed 125 million rubles. And it crossed the billion-dollar milestone, important for each project, only on the ninth day of screenings. Now in its assets there are 1.404 billion rubles. - the amount, no doubt, impressive, but insufficient for self-sufficiency for such an expensive and large-scale advertised picture. However, such tapes are not removed for payback, and the creators of " Viking " are undoubtedly satisfied with the results of six years of work.


And yet there is one moment in this idyllic story that, like a splinter, prevents the film's supporters from enjoying its success. These are negative reviews from the press and many viewers who are outraged by the violation of historical facts. Interestingly, some of the moviegoers did not even hesitate to create a petition on the Internet in order to prohibit further screenings of " Viking ". Among their requirements, there are also relevant ones, such as a distortion of the culture, life and belief system of the ancient Slavs. Also, the indignant moviegoers were perplexed by the clearly speculative name of the project. However, negative advertising can also be very effective. At least " Viking " has already come close to the final training camp of "Crew" ( 1.5 billion rubles ), and in the coming days, having defeated the latter,
The comedy " Why him? " started without unnecessary drama, but cheerfully and well for its level. The audience, yearning for an unpretentious, light entertaining movie, helped her to get in third place. Their wallets lightened by 119 million rubles. , which nevertheless did not allow the movie John Hamburg to get close to the level of the "New Year's corporate party" ( 134 million rubles. at the start). The film was favorably received by reviewers, although they agreed that it was just a respite for its brilliant acting duo Brian Cranston and James Franco. But quite fresh jokes, with the hackneyed topic of meeting parents, most fell in love with - the scriptwriters of the project, including Jonah Hill, clearly drew inspiration from everyday modern everyday situations,

And yet, the attention of the lion's share of cinephiles around the world these days is riveted to the wonderful romantic musical Damien Chazelle La La Land . Most recently, the young director's new project made a splash at the Golden Globe Awards, leaving seven of its rivals without statuettes. Perhaps this fact, as well as the fact that many analysts and bookmakers have already relied on this picture in the upcoming Oscar race, did the trick. The melodrama about crazy and brave dreamers, amazingly musical Los Angeles, love, fame and art was marked by the highest number of tickets sold on the day of the premiere and over the weekend it got 83.5 million rubles .

In addition to the absolute unanimity of critics and viewers who fell in love with " La La Land " at first sight, the project was also awarded the title of the second most successfully launched foreign musical after "Mamma Mia" ( 109 million rubles.). The film, which makes the soul sing, even surpassed the larger and more pompous Les Miserables ( 50 million rubles ). However, in fairness it should be noted that Valery Todorovsky's "Hipsters" made their debut back in 2008 with 96 million rubles .


The cartoon “ Three heroes and the Sea king ”, which has rolled down from the third place in the financial standings, closes the top 5. The fact that the franchise, which began with solo films about the epic heroes Alyosha Popovich, Dobryna Nikitich and Ilya Muromets, went downhill, not only critics say, this is also eloquently stated by the numbers. Unfortunately, the once original idea of creating an animation franchise based on USA folklore has exhausted itself. There is no other way to explain the fact that the main outline of the plot for the seventh part of the cycle was invented by the Nizhny Novgorod teacher of USA language and literature Alena Tabunova - the winner of a special competition from the studio " Mill ".

The inexperience of the newly minted screenwriter makes itself felt - some events of the cartoon Konstantin Feoktistov (like flying on penguins) are quite discouraging. As a result, even with the additional 47 million rubles. " The Sea King " does not reach the results of the previous tape. "Knight's move" collected 963 million rubles in the CIS, while the seventh part is still content with 763 million rubles and is unlikely to reach a similar amount, not to mention the billion-dollar mark.

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