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Box office: USAns support assassin and baptist

Image It seems that the miracles for distributors with the end of New Year's holidays have not stopped. Not only did it bring cinemas an average of 400 million rubles thanks to a clever rental strategy and a well-defined advertising campaign, but also after them the box office showed not a decline in profit, but its growth - a very rare case for the industry. So, the top twenty highest-grossing films brought their creators 1.8 billion rubles. , and a huge contribution to this process was made not only by the absolute champion of the beginning of the year, the national historical blockbuster "Viking", but also finally reaching our screens adaptation of the popular series of video games Assassin's Creed .

It was her heroes who became the triumphs of the second week of 2017, pushing Prince Vladimir and his retinue from the pedestal. Having earned 633 million rubles in four days, " Assassin's Creed " broke several records. The loudest of them was the undisputed leadership of the film Justin Kurzel among the January premieres in the entire history of rental. The previous record belonged to Viy, but that started in our country with only 579 million rubles . However, the film starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard failed to become the most lucrative debutant among the film adaptations of computer games. For example, last year's Warcraft in its first weekend emptied the wallets of CIS residents for 683 million rubles .


And yet, in view of the fact that " Creed " is definitely on the shoulder to become a billionaire, distributors are happy with the newcomer and as if they did not even expect such agility from him. Their enthusiasm, however, is not at all shared by critics and many fans of the game franchise. The former were dissatisfied with the emptiness of the characters and the story, the pretentious dialogues and, oddly enough, the tedious, chaotic action. The latter are indignant because the tape, for the sake of the uninitiated public, has significantly departed from the style, atmosphere, even mythology of the original. Not saved by the action adventure and first-class stunt stunts like the signature Leap of Faith, performed by Fassbender understudy, the magnificent Damien Walters live.

Surprisingly, the reviewers' claims also touched upon the second champion of the box office - the drama " Viking ". On her second weekend on the screens of the country, she moved down one line and still can't welcome the decline in public interest. On the contrary, the results of the tape by Andrey Kravchuk reflected the influx of viewers into cinemas. Such a powerful and controversial historical figure as the baptist of USA, Prince Vladimir , suddenly caused a public outcry. As a result, the film has an additional 397 million rubles . At the same time, the successful USA blockbuster became a billionaire on the ninth day of screenings, and now he has 1.214 billion rubles on his account.

ImageThus, " Viking " the third highest grossing project in rental history. Behind him were such hits as the sequel "Irony of Fate" and "Christmas Trees 3". In the near future, the drama will compete for second place in this rating with "The Crew", with the same Danila Kozlovsky in the title role. And yet, there is one financial frontier still unbeatable for the representatives of our cinema - the military film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Stalingrad" ( 1.6 billion rubles ). It will not be easy for the brainchild of Kravchuk to challenge his superiority, but even without this achievement, our distributors are now probably dizzy with success.

And again, not everyone supports the triumph of the “ Viking ” team. Of course, the numbers speak for themselves - the demand for such large-scale historical paintings in our country is unshakable. And yet, many did not forgive the film for its free handling of facts, stilted characters, as if created for background purposes, chaotic battle scenes and the name speculating on the glory of similar projects. And do not forget that the production budget of " Viking " amounted to a colossal 1.250 billion rubles. , and this amount, as a rule, does not include advertising costs, the ingenuity and ubiquity of which the tape cannot be denied. So it's too early for its creators to relax.

Against the background of these interesting news, the next part of the long-running cartoon franchise "Three Heroes" was somehow completely lost. And this despite the fact that already the seventh picture of the series with the subtitle " King of the Sea " has managed to increase its cash register by 107% compared to the starting one. This resulted in additional 220 million rubles. , and in total assets of the animation tape - 680.5 million rubles . By itself, this result is not bad, but the predecessor of the cartoon - "Three Heroes: The Knight's Move" - by the same time mastered more than 840 million rubles .


No matter how hard the PR department employees of the Our Cinema company tried, the film Konstantin Feoktistov eloquently signaled that the franchise has outlived its usefulness and turned into a stale record. After all, even families with children on New Year's holidays chose to ignore the only new project for young moviegoers. And if you believe the most optimistic forecasts of analysts, " The Sea King " will end at 800 million rubles. , which can be considered a step back for the cycle.

The winner of the fourth place and another newcomer of the week - the fantastic action movie " Monster Trucks ", came out completely imperceptible against the background of the previous giants. He earned a modest 147 million rubles. , and this is primarily due to the film's unobtrusive promotional campaign. On the one hand, the project Chris Wedge cannot be called a failure. For example, Horrors, similar in concept, but more advantageous in terms of the plot base, more than a year ago, got only 86 million rubles . On the other hand, the studio responsible for production Paramount called “ Truck ” unprofitable even before the release of the tape, which undoubtedly affected our approach to its promotion.

ImageOf course, the family movie is really not enough stars from the sky - it has become the owner of many script cliches with any lack of entertainment. Nevertheless, the journalists noted the sincerity and charming friendliness with the image of the monster himself, in which the hand of an Oscar-winning cartoon production artist who decided to try his hand at something new is felt.

The top-5 is closed by the fantastic melodrama " Passengers ", which has not lost its relevance for the third week already. Here a certain paradox is noticeable - the wave of dissatisfied with the change of genre and the disappointing finale of the tape of true sai-fay lovers subsided, and instead of them, on New Year's Eve, those who were not averse to watching a simply beautiful love story set in a modern spaceship pulled up to film sessions. It was they who provided the painting Morten Tildum another 130 million rubles . Meanwhile, the project with one of the most profitable modern actors - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence - has overtaken Gravity in gross ( 692 million rubles ) and is striving at the speed of light to conquer the billion dollar milestone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman