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A new ”Dynasty” will appear on TV

Image Channel The CW has decided to give new life to the heroes of one of the most famous soap operas in the history of television. As reported by TVLine, the popular American television network will join forces with CBS TV Studios to work on a new version of the Dynasty series ( Dynasty).

In the center of the plot of the original serial drama was the confrontation between two wealthy and influential families - Carrington and Colby . The series premiered on ABC in 1981. The first season could not boast of high ratings, but everything changed when the heroine Joan Collins was introduced to the public at the beginning of the second chapter of the story. Viewers' interest skyrocketed, and in the 1984-1985 television season, Dynasty even became the most watched American TV show.

The show was canceled in 1989 after nine seasons on air. During this time, " Dynasty " managed to win the " Golden Globes " in the category "Best Drama Series", as well as receive two dozen nominations for the " Emmy ". In 1991, ABC arranged another meeting with their favorite characters, filming the mini-series "Dynasty: The Reunion" ( Dynasty: The Reunion ).


The current version of Dynasty will be produced by Esther and Richard Shapiro, creators of the original, and the pilot will be written by Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl), Stephanie Savage ( OS - Lonely Hearts "/ The OC ) and Sally Patrick (" Areas of Darkness "/ Limitless ). The remake will once again tell the audience about the confrontation between Carringtons and Colby , but fans of the 80s hit will be in for a lot of surprises. An important role in the plot of the original was played by the enmity between the daughter of the leader of the Carrington clan and his young wife. In the new version of " Dynasty " the latter will turn out to be not a white-skinned blonde, but a Latin American.


In the event that Dynasty receives an order for the production of the first season, Patrick will take over as showrunner, and Schwartz and Savage take over the production functions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman