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Blacklisted 2016: Madonna, Olympians and Monica Lewinsky

Image Hollywood continues to take stock of the outgoing year. Recently, the names of the winners of the Critics' Choice Awards and the nominees for the Golden Globe award were announced, and today the world was presented with the annual Blacklist of the best unrealized scenarios.

In just 11 years the Blacklist managed to become perhaps the most famous talent fair in the world of big cinema. The idea to create a rating of the most interesting scenarios of the year came to an employee of the company Appian Way Productions Franklin Leonard. In 2005, for the first time, he decided to send letters to familiar Hollywood producers asking them to name the top ten scenarios of the year that had not yet been implemented by film companies.

Over the years, the list has included scripts for Slumdog Millionaire, American Scam, Juno, Operation Argo, Survivor, and many other famous films. In total, films from the Black List have earned over two hundred Oscar nominations. This year it included scripts for 73 films, many of which have already been covered by the bosses of the world's leading film studios.

We present to your attention the leaders of the Blacklist 2016:


" Blonde with ambition " ( Blond Ambition , Elyse Hollander) - 48 votes

The producers were most interested in the biographical drama about the start of the career of the legendary Madonna , which got its name in honor of the singer's third concert tour. The action of the picture will unfold in the early 80s, when the performer was preparing to record her first studio album.

The script for the film was written by Elise Hollander , who began her career in Hollywood with a short film. The Oscar-winning film "Birdman" helped her to get acquainted with the world of big cinema, on the set of which she acted as assistant to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Although Elise does not yet have experience selling feature-length scripts, Madonna biopic has all the chances to safely go into production. Reportedly, the project is not averse to taking into development the eminent producer Michael De Luca.


Life Itself ( Life Itself , Dan Fogelman) - 35 votes

Vogelman 's track record includes the comedy "The Stars" and such animated hits as Cars and Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. His new script is the story of several heroes whose lives have miraculously intertwined over the course of many decades in New York or in a small Spanish village. Back in the summer, the studio FilmNation acquired the rights to the project, which has already invited Oscar Isaac to one of the main roles.

" The Olympian " ( The Olympian , Tony Toast) - 35 votes

The script by the writer and producer of Longmire ( Longmire ) is based on true events. The sports drama tells the story of a rower who decided to compete for the right to represent his country at the 1984 Olympics.

" The Post " ( The Post , Liz Hannah) - 35 votes

LostFilm.INFO reported about this project quite recently. The rights to the text of the aspiring Hollywood screenwriter Liz Hanna were bought by Amy Pascal's studio in early November. The tape will give viewers a chance to learn how the brave journalists of The New York Times and The Washington Post managed to publish secret Pentagon documents on the course of the war in Vietnam.


" Voyagers " ( Voyagers , Zack Dean) - 28 votes

Dean made his debut as a Hollywood screenwriter with the crime drama Blackbird, which did not generate much critical acclaim. A film about the famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan and his wife Anne Druyan, who created the popular documentary series "Cosmos" ( Cosmos ) in the early 80s, can give a chance to rehabilitate Zack .

In the Blink of an Eye , Colby Day - 25 votes

Like Elyse Hollander , Day began his career in the world of short films. His script promises to shed light on the nature of life, love and death through three intertwining storylines that will unfold in the past, present and future.

" Untitled Lax Mandis Project " ( Untitled Lax Mandis Project , Set Spector) - 22 votes

The name of Seth Spector is still unknown not only to the general public, but also to the bosses of leading studios. His debut work may be a tape about a movie mogul who is upset by the current state of affairs in Hollywood. Perhaps such a high place in the rating is due to the fact that Hollywood producers want to know if the creator of the series "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective" is involved in the most mysterious project of the Black List Agency ) Max Landis?


" Oxygen " ( O2 , Christie LeBlanc) - 22 votes

The claustrophobic thriller, the plot of which was invented by the aspiring screenwriter Christie LeBlanc , also aroused considerable interest in Hollywood. The main heroine of this action-packed story will be a girl named Charlie , who wakes up in a locked cryogenic chamber. Attempts to recall the events of the previous day have to be postponed until better times, as the lack of oxygen begins to affect the closed room.

" Dark Money " ( Dark Money , Matt Fruchtman ) - 21 votes

This year's Blacklist could help Hollywood producers unlock yet another new name. The script by Matt Fruchtman tells the true story of a young stockbroker who takes a job with billionaire Stephen Cohen . Soon, the protagonist finds himself in the heart of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the investment market.

Letters From Rosemary , Nick Yarborough - 21 votes

The annual rating of scripts turned out to be rich in biographical dramas as never before. A film about the tragic fate of President John F. Kennedy's sister may go into production in the very near future. This spring, Emma Stone got the role of Rosemary Kennedy, and two months ago it became known that the studio Anonymous Content decided to entrust the director's chair of the drama to stage director Sam Gold.

" Linda and Monica " ( Linda and Monica , Flint Wayness) - 20 votes

Another curious scenario related to the dark secrets of the first persons of America got into the Black List . The biographical drama tells the story of former White House employee Linda Tripp, who learned that intern Monica Lewinsky is intimate with the 42nd President of the United States. The ensuing high-profile sex scandal nearly ruined not only Bill Clinton's political career, but also the life of Linda herself.


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