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Dangerous Shaving

Image In the 21st century, cinemas have literally flooded with numerous remakes, sequels and reboots. Luckily for the audience, in 2005, Appian Way Productions employee Franklin Leonard came up with the idea to create a ranking of the best unrealized Hollywood scripts. Thanks to the so-called Blacklist , dozens of original film projects get a chance to make it to the big screens every year.

As it became known to the edition The Hollywood Reporter , American studios Route One Entertainment , Lost City and Maiden Voyage decided to join forces in work on the psychological drama The Shave , the script of which was included in the 2015 Blacklist . The protagonist of the story of aspiring Hollywood authors Miles Hubley and Tom White is a Los Angeles police officer accused of unintentionally killing a schoolboy. After winning the trial, the servant of the law decides to look into the local barber shop, owned by the father of the shot child. The owner of the establishment invites the guest to listen to the story of a boy's life while shaving with a dangerous blade ...

The director's chair of the film will be taken by Benny Boom , who began his career in show business as a clip maker. USA film fans will have a chance to appreciate the talent of the native of Philadelphia next month, when his musical film “2pac: Legend” will appear on USA screens.


Russell Levine (Jones Free State), John Finemore (Jones State Free State), Route One , Lost City and Maiden Voyage producing team for the hottest social drama Shadow Theater by Anton Corbijn ") and Chris Columbus (" Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ").

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