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Sam Jackson and Snapchat Creator Hit Hollywood's Blacklist

Image Thirteen years ago, Appian Way studio employee Franklin Leonard sent emails to seventy-five influential producers asking for their views on 2005's strongest backlog. The rating of the most interesting scenarios that lingered on the shelves was nicknamed the Black List. Since that time, Leonard's brainchild has become one of the main Hollywood forges of talent. Suffice it to say that over the past thirteen years, films graduated from the Black List have earned 262 Oscar nominations and more than $ 26 billion at the box office.

Today, the organizers of the Black List have named the most promising screenplays for 2018. Some of them have already gone under the wing of famous studios, but have not yet been launched into production. It is possible that in the coming years viewers will see these projects among the contenders for the most serious cinematic prizes.

Today, the Black List jury includes three hundred producers, financiers and senior management of Hollywood studios. This year, four hundred scenarios were submitted for their consideration.


The script competition finalists included many intriguing projects, including the biopic "73 Seconds" about the disaster of the shuttle Challenger, the comedy "Kings of Cool" about the participation of young Samuel L. Jackson in the school elections, the drama "Mamba" about the accusation of basketball player Kobe Bryant of a crime of a sexual nature, the action movie "Liberators" about African American tankmen and the satirical tape "Biscuit" about an ordinary American family who decided to sell nuclear weapons launch codes to terrorists.

The leaders of the Black List of 2018 are:

Frat Boy Genius, Elissa Karasik - 36 votes

The main winner of the talent fair has already earned a flattering comparison with the tape of David Fincher's "Social Network", which at one time won three "Oscars" in eight nominations. The script by Elissa Karasik is narrated from the perspective of an angry employee at Snap Inc., who tells how her former classmate and incredible moron Evan Spiegel became the creator of Snapchat, the billionaire owner and her obnoxious boss.


"King Richard" (Zach Beilin) - 35 votes

On the second line of the Black List is another scenario based on a real story. It is worth noting that the text of the aspiring Hollywood author Zach Baelin has already hit the pencil to the bosses of the production company Star Thrower Entertainment. The main character of the biopic will be the American tennis coach Richard Williams, who raised two champion daughters - Venus and Serena.


Get Home Safe, Christie Hall - 35 votes

A young girl must find her way home, despite the fact that it’s Halloween, the phone runs out of battery, and Internet trolls are on her heels who have arranged the ever-memorable gamergate,” reads a short description of the film's plot. Although the synopis is intriguing, it leaves a lot of questions about the genre of the painting. Nevertheless, Hollywood celestials clearly see considerable potential in the project: Oscar nominee Eric Heisserer (Arrival) is ready to produce a film based on the script by Christy Hall.


"Drudge" (Cody Brotter) - 35 votes

In recent years, film and television figures have tried several times to make films and series about the famous sex scandal involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but as a result, most of these projects were frozen. It is possible that viewers will finally reveal the dirty secrets of the White House thanks to the text of the young actor and author Cody Brotter. The main character of his script was journalist Matt Drudge, who almost impeached the US president while sitting at an ancient laptop in a small apartment in the Hollywood Hills.


Harry's All Night Hamburgers (Steve Desmond and Michael Anthony Sherman) - 30 votes

We reported about this film at the beginning of this year. The text by aspiring Hollywood screenwriters Steve Desmond and Michael Anthony Sherman is based on Lawrence Watt-Evans' acclaimed science fiction story Why I Got Out of The Night Hamburger. The rights to the project were acquired by Warner Bros. Studio, which plans to shoot an adventure film about parallel worlds in the spirit of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Back to the Future trilogy.


"Promising Young Woman" (Emirald Fennell) - 30 votes

This script also made a lot of noise in Hollywood. Filmnation Corporation and Margot Robbie's LuckyChap Entertainment studio are ready to provide financial support to the project. The text by British actress and screenwriter Emirald Fennell tells the story of a girl who is shocked by the news of her best friend's suicide. Only the main character begins to think that she was able to come to terms with the loss, as she becomes aware of the name of the person, through whose fault her friend took her own life ...


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