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The CW will go into the paranormal

Image When The CW first started working on the Green Arrow show, no one could have imagined what this idea would result in. Today, the network has an impressive collection of TV series based on comics about superheroes, zombies and teenagers from Riverdale, but The CW management doesn't stop there.

According to the portal Variety, the channel has started developing a series called Project 13 ("Project 13" *). He will tell about Dr. Terrence Thirteen and his daughter Tracy, whose story may seem interesting to the audience. Dr. Thirteen first appeared in the pages of graphic novels in 1951, and was introduced as a parapsychologist and skeptic of the paranormal. Tracy, who made her debut only in 2003, followed in her father's footsteps, but, unlike him, the girl has magical abilities.

According to the synopsis, the new drama will tell about the medical examiner Tracy Thirteen, who believes in the supernatural and suddenly finds out that she herself has psychic abilities. Together with his father, they will have to investigate strange and mysterious cases related to inexplicable phenomena.


Deegan Freiklind ("Bitten") will write and produce the series with Elizabeth Banks ("Pitch Perfect 2") and Max Handelman ("Surrogates").

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman