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Netflix To Release Hip Hop Comedy

Image Following "Voice of the Streets" and "2pac: Legend", another picture about hip-hop is being prepared for release - The After Party ("Afterparty" *). This time the film will be in the comedy genre and without the "Based on true events" note. According to the information portal Variety, such popular rappers as Wiz Khalifa and French Montana will take part in the project. The latter, by the way, has already tested his abilities in filming a story about the music business.

Netflix's picture of mood will be much lighter than the previously mentioned hip-hop tapes. The film will be directed by Ian Edelman and will also be the screenwriter. The plot will be based on the story of two bosom friends whose goal is to get a contract with a recording studio before one of them goes to college and the other to the army.


Filming in New York will last six weeks, and all the events of the film will fit into one crazy night. Key roles will be played by Tejana Taylor, Jordan Rock, Harrison Holzer, Shelley Hennig and Blair Underwood from Agents of SHIEL. The creators are also promising some stellar cameos.

* - preliminary translation.

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