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He will be back

Image Although the blockbuster Terminator Genisys did not delight either strict film critics or loyal fans of the cult sci-fi franchise, Hollywood is preparing to continue the saga of the confrontation between people and machines. The series is currently owned by Skydance Productions , but in 2019, part of the rights to “ The Terminator ” will return to its creator, James Cameron. Earlier this year, information appeared on the Web that the head of Skydance David Ellison was able to convince the Canadian director to participate in the creation of a new film about the war with Skynet. It was rumored that the sixth " Terminator " could be either a direct sequel to "Doomsday" or lead to a complete reboot of the film series, but over the past months, Allison and Cameronnever clarified their plans for the future of the franchise. It was rumored that James would write and produce the upcoming blockbuster, with Tim Miller (Deadpool) as director. It has now become known that the new " Terminator " will go into production in a few months. Arnold Schwarzenegger reported good news for moviegoers in an interview with the Austrian edition Kleine Zeitung .

"This fall, I am starting work on the comedy Triplets," said Arnold . -Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy will be my on-screen partners. Next March I will begin filming for “ Terminator 6 ”. In 2018, I will also work on a feed about Konan .

Curiously, Arnie named the new sci-fi movie series “ Terminator 6 ”. It is possible that the creators of the blockbuster decided to continue the storyline of " Genesis ", but Schwarzenegger has not yet begun to go into details of the plot. It should be noted that the official representatives of Skydance Productions have not yet confirmed information about the imminent start of filming for the new " Terminator ". It is possible that Arnold is just wishful thinking.


In recent years, the actor has often told reporters that " Triplets " are ready to go into production, but as a result, work on a comedy project has been constantly delayed. The situation around the new film about Conan raises even more questions. A few months ago, his screenwriter Chris Morgan admitted that the project was finally removed to the shelf, but now Arnie suddenly announced his readiness to return to the image of the legendary Cimmerian warrior next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman