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James Cameron will send the terminator to the last fight

Image Sensational news hit Hollywood this morning. According to the publication Deadline , the creator of "Terminator" James Cameron is ready to take part in the work on the final chapter of the saga about the battle between humans and machines.

Rumors about the return of the Oscar-winning film maker to the universe of " Terminator " appeared a year ago. It was rumored that the Canadian had come up with a way to revive his famous franchise while he was working on converting the Terminator 2: Doomsday tape into 3D format.

The first part of the film series was released in 1984. Cameron got the idea for a movie about a merciless cyborg killer in a dream. The young director was so eager to realize his script on his own that he agreed to sell the rights to " The Terminator " for just $ 1 . The management of the studio Orion did not believe in the success of the sci-fi thriller and positioned it as another B film. However, as soon as " The Terminator " was released, it became obvious that Cameron's brainchild was destined to leave a significant mark in the history of cinema.


Seven years later, James presented to the public the second part of the film series, which managed to set new standards for the quality of filming Hollywood blockbusters. The sequel cost $ 102 million to create, making it the most expensive film in history at the time. Doomsday earned $ 519 million and won four Oscars .

At one time, Cameron planned to buy out the rights to the franchise from the bankrupt studio Carolco Pictures , but his founders Mario Kassar and Andrew J. Vine managed to get ahead of him. As a result, James preferred to pursue other projects, and all attempts to make films about The Terminator without his participation began to end in failure.


In the early 21st century, Cassar and Vaina set up a new film company called C2 Pictures . In 2003, the film "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" came out from under her wing, but a couple of years later the studio was forced to cease to exist. The rights to the series passed to The Halcyon Company , which launched The Terminator: May the Savior Come. The post-apocalyptic thriller was supposed to launch a new trilogy, but a year after its release, the franchise owners declared bankruptcy. The Terminator is now owned by Skydance Productions , which has already shot one film about the battle for the future.

In 2015, Terminator Genisys was crushed by critics and flopped in the North American box office. The residents of the Middle Kingdom helped the $ 125 million blockbuster to get to the level of self-sufficiency, adding $ 112.8 million to his piggy bank. As with The Halcyon Company , Skydance Productions had long-running plans for a franchise, but the failure of Genesis forced the studio to abandon from the idea of filming a whole trilogy. As Cameron will regain some of the rights to “ The Terminator ” in 2019, Skydance bosses have decided to make one last attempt to cash in on the high-profile brand.


Insiders still find it difficult to say whether James will act only as the author of the idea and consultant for the project, or whether he will independently write the script for the film. There is a possibility that Skydance will choose to film a sequel to Cameron's original dilogy, which does not take into account the events of the last three films. It is curious that quite recently the owners of the Alien franchise could use the same approach. At the beginning of 2015, director Neil Blomkamp made it clear that he was ready to shoot a direct sequel to Cameron's Aliens, but his project was still on the shelf.

According to insiders, Cameron is not claiming to be the director's chair for the new Terminator , as he will be filming four parts of the Avatar series over the next few years. In this regard, Tim Miller is considered the main candidate for the post of director of the final film about the confrontation between people and Skynet. The renowned visual effects expert made his directing debut with Deadpool, which has become one of the biggest hits of the past year. Three months ago, we reported that Miller dropped out of work on the second film about the adventures of the chatty mercenary Wade Wilson due to creative differences with the leadership of the studio 20th Century Fox b>and actor Ryan Reynolds. Looks like,

The start date of work on the final part of the cult film series has not yet been announced. Either Cameron already has a sketch of the film's plot, or he plans to set aside time for “ The Terminator ” in between filming of “ Avatars ”. Initially, the director was going to shoot all four new films about the planet Pandora at once, but now there is information that he will take a break after working on the second and third parts.

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