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Hulu will build a city for fugitive criminals

Image The online service Hulu continues to expand the list of its future projects - in a competitive struggle, the company bought the rights to the series based on the comic book Postal ( "Postman" ), which is being developed by Matt Tolmach Productions and Legendary TV .

Seth Hoffman ( The Walking Dead ) is responsible for the script for the new show, and executive producers include Matthew Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man), David Manperl (21 and Beyond) ), Mark Silvestri (Wanted) and co-author of the original Matt Hawkins comic.

The town of Eden, Wyoming, is shocked by the first murder in 25 years. The reaction of the local population to the incident seems abnormal, but there is an explanation for everything. Eden was originally created as a haven for fugitive criminals, where they get a new personality and even appearance. Therefore, any events that draw attention to the city are not held in high esteem, and an official murder is the last thing the residents want. Mark Schiffron , the postmaster, will have to deal with what has happened, but he has enough problems of his own. In addition, the FBI has long wanted to send its undercover agent to Eden, and the murder just opens up new opportunities for the Bureau ...


This year, Hulu presented viewers with a screen version of Stephen King's novel 11.22.63 ( 11.22.63 ), and the online service is planning a television adaptation of the popular computer game Myst and a comic strip Marvel The Runaways.

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Author: Jake Pinkman