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Butler in space. Trailer of the film-disaster ”Geostorm”

Image Gerard Butler is known to fans of action films as a man who specializes in rescuing presidents and their entourage. With such a serious experience, you can go into space, which the Scottish actor will do in the new fantastic action movie Geostorm about an accident on a satellite preventing cataclysms. The film was directed by Dean Devlin, and Butler was accompanied on his epic mission by Ed Harris, Abby Cornish, Jim Sturgess and Andy Garcia as one of the world leaders.

After a series of terrible natural disasters, mankind created a special program that began to control the weather using satellites. For some time, the system worked smoothly, but one day the climate station located over Afghanistan failed, and our planet was under the threat of a large-scale cataclysm. To avert disaster, a couple of development engineers were sent into space. Meanwhile, on Earth, someone has hacked the system and is preparing a global conspiracy. Now one person is responsible for ensuring that the impending geostorm does not destroy all living things - the hero of Butler .

The trailer demonstrates not only an abundance of action scenes with falling houses and planes, but also a comedic component, which even in this short video perfectly knocks down unnecessary pathos. Obviously, the new project with the participation of Butler is designed for big fans of his adventures with presidents and those who do not miss a single movie about space.

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The film will be released in USA on October 19 .

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