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New Line will start the ice cream war

Image Film company New Line decided to tell the audience a fascinating story about the confrontation between two ice cream merchants from Salem, Oregon. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the plot of the so far untitled film will be based on the article " Cold War " by David Walman and Julian Smith , published on the portal Epic Magazine .

For many years the American Dennis Roper worked as a mortgage broker, but the global financial crisis has led to a significant decrease in his income. To provide for his family, the man had to think about starting his own business. Deciding that the demand for sweets would not decline even during the most difficult times for the country's economy, Dennis purchased a small ice cream van.

Soon, Roper fulfilled his American dream: the business began to generate income, thanks to which he was able to recruit staff and expand his network.


Everything changed at the moment when an old minivan Efrain Escobar appeared on the streets of the city. The Mexican immigrant started selling ice cream and snacks straight from his own car, preferring to park it in front of Roper's vans. When one of the cars Dennis was once again blocked by the minivan Escobar , the businessman decided to strike back at his competitor. Soon the conflict escalated into a dizzying pursuit through the streets of Salem, in which almost the entire fleet of Roper ...


Fortunately, the story ended with a happy ending, as in the end Dennis and Efrain decided to become business partners. The film about their Cold War was produced by Andrew Lazar (Sniper) and journalists Joshua Beerman and Joshua Davis, who created Epic Magazine just to help colleagues sell film rights their articles to Hollywood studios.

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Author: Jake Pinkman