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Return of Jason Voorhees canceled

Image Over the years, Paramount has kept hopes of rebooting the Friday the 13th franchise. Filming for the next film about Jason Voorhees was supposed to begin in mid-March, and the premiere was scheduled for October. However, as the site The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, a meeting with the notorious maniac is unlikely to take place any time soon.

According to the source, the bosses of Paramount not only excluded the new "Friday the 13th" from the list of future studio releases, but also abandoned any further work on the project altogether. It became clear a long time ago that not everything was so smooth with the reboot. Despite the fact that Breck Eisner was listed as the director of the film, and Aaron Guzikovsky's script was ready, all the places in the cast of the film remained vacant.

The reboot was supposed to take viewers back to the 80s and tell about the family of Jason Voorhees . According to the producers, such a move would allow the audience to better understand the motives of the hero. Perhaps someday Paramount will decide to return to this idea, but so far the famous killer has sunk into oblivion.


The reasons for this decision by the Hollywood studio were not disclosed. However, insiders suspect that the poor start of the horror film Calls played an important role in all this. The triquel of the popular film series, regarded by some as a kind of reboot, debuted at the box office at $ 13 million , significantly losing out to its predecessors.

A little more, by the way, the sequel to "World War Z" was lucky - the premiere of the blockbuster with Brad Pitt was also postponed, but the major hopes to release the film in 2018 or 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman