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Jason Voorhees rose from the dead

Image Last weekend, the new "Halloween" earned $ 90.5 million at the worldwide box office in just a few days, proving that slashers are still of interest to movie fans. As many analysts believed, after the successful performance of the film about Michael Myers, other similar projects were activated. LeBron James' company SpringHill Entertainment is in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to bring back the forgotten remake of Friday the 13th horror. Bloody Disgusting reports.

However, it was not only the success of "Halloween" that helped Jason Voorhees rise from the dead. About a month ago, a court ruled in a case involving the rights to a cult franchise. They are now owned by the original screenwriter Victor Miller.

Viewers last saw Jason Voorhees in 2009. The tape by Markus Nispel was a success with the audience, and it seemed that the continuation would not be long in coming. However, the project got stuck at the development stage, changed several directors and screenwriters, and its release date was constantly postponed. Last year, Paramount studio finally abandoned the idea of filming the new "Friday the 13th". The reasons for this decision were not explained, but many believed that the poor start of Zvonkov played an important role in this.


LeBron James is no stranger to the movie world. As an actor, he appeared in the comedy Girl Without Complexes and gave voice to one of the characters in Smallfoot, and a few years ago his production company signed an agreement with Warner Bros. Moreover, LeBron himself admitted that he is an ardent fan of horror movies. He even launched the Friday the 13th themed sneaker line. What will be his movie about Jason Voorhees, while we can only guess. Perhaps the franchise will get a remake again, or the producers will decide to follow the path of "Halloween", creating a film that will simultaneously be a sequel to the original "Friday", and a reboot of the film series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman